Family pictures ought to be stress free, a little messy, and full of love just like your family.

Rachael Grace photography

Candid Photography for busy families who want life to slow down.

Are your kids growing up too fast?

Do you wish you could slow the train of life down just a bit?

Do you want to enjoy life and motherhood even more?

Welcome, I’m so thrilled you’re here.

Family portrait sessions are in your home or doing what you love so you’re most comfortable and free to be yourself for the camera.
I don’t pose you, instead I invite you to do what your family normally does and we capture the love and connection already in your family.

Newborn sessions also take place in your home.
There’s no need to stress, just bond and snuggle with your newborn while we capture all the memories you want to hold onto

One Year Story Sessions


Who this is for:
Families that have a hard time taking pictures themselves but know how important they will be decades from now.  They want to leave a legacy for their children & tangible evidence of the beautiful childhood they had.  They want to be in the pictures with their kids & not hiding behind the camera.

We will do 3 mini sessions throughout the year & one full length session.  Sessions are scheduled around what’s most important to document for your family, birthday’s, holiday’s, every day life.

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Family Life Session


Who this is for:
Parents who feel life is passing by too fast.
You will always remember your baby’s ‘first’ but before you know it, that adorable thing they always did, won’t happen anymore.  The way he always crossed his feet when he was sitting.  Or the way she would run to your room first thing in the morning begging you to read to her.
Those are the moments you want to remember decades from now.

Book a session to keep those memories as vivid as the day they happened.

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Your Mamahood Session


Who this is for:
Mama’s that want to tell their story, so their children always know how special and loved they are.  You loved them from the moment they were conceived with a love only a mother knows.  Put your heart on paper and leave a legacy to your sweet babes.

  Your words and the images we create together go together in an heirloom album to cherish for the rest of your lives.

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Stress Free Sessions

Imagine your favorite laid back day with your family. What are the memories you'll miss most about right now? Let's design a session centered on that. We'll capture all the memories you never want to forget in a documentary way.

Why photograph your life?

What are your favorite memories from childhood? Do you have photos of them? Can you remember what it felt like to ride your bike on a sunny summer afternoon? Or a hug from mom as you ran through the kitchen after school? Life is more than just a pretty picture. It's memories and stories. Don't just photograph life's milestones, photograph the daily life moments because they are just as important to who you are as a family.

Gorgeous Heirloom Albums

We all have 1000's of photos sitting on our hard drives, me included. Let's design an album together that will be enjoyed for decades to come by everyone in the family.

About Me

“Find a way to play together!”  The soundtrack to my life is Daniel Tiger.
Hi, I’m Rachael and Denver, CO is where I call home but I live for wondering back roads and finding adventure anywhere.
But with two small kids, most of my adventures consist of leaving the house without diapers and not stepping on long forgotten toys in the dark.  Naturally, I can resight Little Blue Truck by heart. Every day is a toss up between dry shampoo and “when was the last time I showered?”

Likes: eating my kids Halloween candy and kitchen dance parties.

Dislikes: Maternity pants and mommy wars.

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