So there is a reason I haven’t blogged in a long time.  My husband and I took an enormous plunge into buying our first house.  And it’s not just any house it’s a HUD house.  A.k.a  needs a lot of work.  And ours is no different.  In the last three weeks since we close October 5th.  We have taken down half the ceiling and walls, disassembled a huge octopus heater and managed to get the trash people pissed at us.  The house is only 2 miles from downtown Denver.  And we got a rocki’n deal on the house even with putting a small fortune into the house before we even move in.  But alas it’s our house.

I can now say I’ve demolished, wired, plumbed a whole house!  More photos to come. horizontal-title.jpg

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  • Gino November 16, 2007

    Hey you, just thought I would say Hi and let you know the blog looks great. A lot better than mine anyway. You have some great pictures and you really need to get a site up and start booking some weddings. You need to show me how to add frames around the pictures on your blog. I have no clue….. Congrats on the house, I’m sure all the hard work will pay off!!!!


  • Nick Hillestad December 10, 2010

    Your blog and images are just great!. Thanks.

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