A Journey to Mamahood; Liz & Joe’s Maternity Session

‘There are hundreds of ways to be a mother,
only one of which is to give birth.’
– Leza Lowitz

This is a story of a women that knew nothing of being a mother before God gave her a son.
We are cut from the same cloth, her and I.
We’re powerfully driven women that love a certain amount of control in life.
Not surprisingly becoming a mother is giving her the very lessons she needs.
It’s not easy finding this new role as mother.
You stumble and fall.
Make mistakes left and right.
But then one day, that little being smiles back up at you and the world seems like you must have done something right.
We chatted and touched hearts through this whole maternity session.
We reminisced about pre-baby days.
And dreamed of when little AJ would be in their arms.
We prepped hearts to make the journey to parenthood.
This is exactly what I had hoped for Becoming; A journey to mamahood.
It’s exactly why I was inspired to start the project even though it terrified me.
Bridging the gap to parenthood.

maternity-013 maternity-009 maternity-002 maternity-004 maternity-003 maternity-008 maternity-006 maternity-014 maternity-015

If you’d like to learn more about Becoming Maternity & Newborn Sessions CLICK HERE

xoxo – Rachael

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