An Unexpected Long Stay

My brother and his girlfriend decided a few months ago that they would come out for New Years.  Great fantastic, we’ll go skiing and have a great time!  Well I think it’s been the trip from hell for them.  They left a day late because Krista got sick just before they left and needed to go to the doctor before they left.  They then stopped for the night in Nebraska and continued on New Year’s Eve, with a scheduled arrival of 1pm.  They arrived at 7pm.   You might guess it, but they had car troubles.  They broke down just over the Colorado Nebraska boarder.  So after towing, talking to several people, and renting a car they finally made it to Denver.  It wasn’t till two days ago we found out what was even wrong with the car.  Best case scenario it gets fixed.  The worst case is they tow it all the way back to Minnesota.  We still don’t the know the final outcome and probably won’t till Monday night.  What a mess.

We then went skiing on Wednesday.  Fantastic weather, warm and a little powder left even.  But poor Nate and Krista had altitude sickness all day and didn’t even hit the slope once.  Note to anyone coming to Denver to ski, drink lots and lots of water!

So with them being stranded here, we’ve had the chance to show them Denver.  And they’ve decided to move here!  The 60 degree weather was a big help too!  Here’s a few shots of us out and about.  5.jpg

Cody playing with our new point and shot camera we got for Christmas.


And by far my favorite shot I’ve ever taken of a landscape.


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