And baby makes 3; Boulder Newborn Photographer

Just when you think you know love, something little comes along to remind you just how big it really is.

The soft hum of a swing and the sweet smell of newborn love greeted me when I first met the Donohue family.  A new family of three but already feeling like little Orien had always been there.  He had always been a part of them even before they met.

Isn’t that amazing?  Your child fits in the puzzle of life just perfectly for you.  No other child will do, it was them all along.

The newborn days blend together so seamlessly with the same routine preformed like a delicate dance three or four times a day.  Each time around feels like the last and strangely like the next all at the same time.  One day blending to the next and suddenly your little mini me is three months old.  Then a year flies by.

I’ve heard so many times after seeing their photos that I captured such simple things in such a beautiful way.  The mundane moments look endearing and beautiful in such a tender way.

Those mundane moments that pass in a haze are beautiful.  They hold all your love for your babe.  I want you to remember them.  I want you to remember what it felt like to hold their tiny body all curled up.  You’ll be transported back to those early days of milk, sleepless nights, and diapers every 5 minutes.  You’ll be transported back to the time when life’s meaning shifted and the beautiful uncertainty of that space.

You’ll remember all the quiet moments when it feels like you’re the only ones in the world.

Thank you Donohue family for inviting me into your home.  I’m honored to photograph your sweet mundane moments.

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