Ashley and Thomas Continued…

It was really a blast to be able to photograph Ashley and Thomas with no added pressure.   Living with Ashley for three years we got to know probably way to much about each other.  I saw her through 3 serious boyfriends before she started dating Thomas.   When they first started dating, Thomas would do such sweet things for her.  He made a card for her after their third date, just to say how much fun he was having and how much he enjoyed his time with her.  Yea she went crazy after him. 🙂  Needless to say it didn’t take long for Ashley to start talking about rings and a wedding in Mexico.  In Thomas’ defense he is pretty great guy, and he definitely makes Ashley the happiest I’ve ever seen her.  I wish you two the very best in your future together!

And Ash I had a phenomenal time at your wedding, but I’m a little disappointed it wasn’t in Mexico!

Ashley’s something borrowed was her sister’s veil.


I love this shot of Ashley’s sister Heather.  Or maybe it’s just the coat she’s wearing that I love?


What flower girl can resist running up and down the pews?! 61.jpg9.jpg

I just love the movement in this photo.


Seriously can he be any cuter!  I love the little choo choo train sweater!


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  • Andrew Schaefer February 27, 2008

    Great engagement photos Rachael, that wedding is right around the corner. I bet you’re getting excited. And congratulations on getting the house finished, that is so cool. I don’t think we’ll be able to make it Friday, but thanks so much for the invite. Talk to you soon.

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