Baby Beluga and the Great Blue Sea.

Out into the deep of the great dark world,
Beyond the long borders where foam and drift
Of the sundering waves are lost and gone
On the tides that plunge and rear and crumble.
-Carl SandburgD-001 D-002 D-003 D-004Baby Beluga has become Delilah’s favorite song.  And it all started with her first trip to the ocean.  I remember as a kid getting so excited to see the ocean, living in Minnesota the ocean is a big thing!  For D I hope we can go yearly.  Time spent hanging out on the beach, making sand castles and playing in the waves.  Maybe someday she’ll look back with the same fond excited memories.  This trip she was less then impressed, let’s hope that’s just a tired baby.  😉
My non-photog cousin Morgan took these of my baby girl and I.  I think she may have a future in everyday life photography.  Being the one behind the camera all the time, I LOVE that I have these images of her and I.
My mama heart is full.
xoxo – Rachael

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