Becoming; A journey to motherhood

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There is rawness.  A breaking for what was, yet yearning for what could be and will be.
A heart ripped open for a new life.
It aches with the past and bursts with new life.
Becoming a mother cracks a heart open in a way only a baby can.
You begin to see possibility where nothing was.
And life begins to unfold with someone other then yourself as center.

Becoming a mother was so profound and life changing then I ever anticipated.
I’m fascinated with that transition that happens.
It’s raw & authentic and I’m captivated.
I’m giddy just thinking of the love and raw emotion that fills a house when the baby finally comes home

It took me a year to sort out the puzzle pieces that were thrown into the air when D was born.
I’m enthralled with how much it changed me.  How my heart and soul changed.
It’s a change that people don’t really talk about.
Sure they say your life will never be the same.
What’s not talked about is your old self peeling away to give way for your new mama self.
And that peeling away can be painful, raw, and scary.
What kind of mother will emerge?
This is what is calling me.  To document the early moments of this profound change.
Moments when you’re in the trenches of motherhood for the first time.
Oh my heart is called to these moments!

If you’re pregnant or waiting for an adoption and would like to be a part of the project please please contact me.
I would love to photography dozens of first time families so please help me spread the word!

Do you know someone expecting their first?  Will you pass this on to them?
I’m forever grateful to you and helping me explore this heart calling.

xoxo – Rachael

Ready to start your own journey?  Email me today, I can’t wait to share your story.

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