Belated Christmas

So now that it’s January 6th I thought I might post a few photos from Christmas.  At least it’s not July right?

This was my first Christmas away from my family.   It was a little sad and very different, but it was still good.  Here’s my father-in-law reading the paper Christmas morning.  Can you tell where we were for Christmas?


He also plays Santa for the neighborhood kids.  I don’t think this little girl was to sure of the scary dude in red.  I don’t blame her, this guys a little hairy!


We also went out to the reservation where Cody’s grandparents live.  Literally in the middle of NOWHERE.


And what is there to do out in the middle of nowhere you might ask?  Well shoot prairie dogs of course!  What could more exciting then that!  Don’t worry he’s little out of practice and failed to shoot any unsuspecting vermin.


I hope your Christmas was as relaxing as ours was.  And don’t forget those New Years resolutions!

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