Bliss A Top A Mountain; Liz & Joe

Aspen wedding-003

I peeled my heavy body out of bed to a crying of a baby.
We had only been back from over seas for a few short days as we prepared to head back up to the mountains for trip three in the matter of a month.  And those trips were starting to wear on me.
But it’s funny how once you’re going and you breath in that mountain air your body wakes up more with each breath.
Restoring a spark in your belly and giving life back like an early spring.
Especially when a soul sister is embarking on the biggest day of her life.
I stood staring at the mountains,
breathing deep long breaths.
And gave thanks for a beautiful day and to be here for my friend.
It was a day filled with every kind of weather you can have on the mountain.
The perfect start to married life.
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Liz and Joe I love you guys like a brother and sister.  Beyond honored to be a part of your wedding.
xoxo – Rachael

I’m scaling back this year and only taking 6 weddings for 2014.  I currently have 4 booked, so please contact me quickly if you’re interested in starting a friendship.  🙂

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