Boulder Newborn Session; The Lowe Family

As a parent, especially a new parent, you want everything to go smoothly, be perfect.  But as you grow into your role as parent, you realize that those things are an illusion.

Nothing about being a parent is perfect, except that YOU are the perfect parent for your child.  Not in the sense that you need to be perfect, but that you, your brokenness and weathered soul are the perfect person to guide your sweet child through this world.

The rawness of postpartum is often kept behind closed doors.  We don’t want others to see our mess, our broken pieces, our roller coaster of emotions until we’ve got it all back together.  Only we never really feel like we have it all together.

Rachel & Greg remind me so much of my own entrance to motherhood.  Raw, broken, and in complete awe.  Only Rachel is allowing herself to break so that she can be stitched back together in an even more beautiful perfect way.

She’s embracing the rawness & wide emotions like I’ve never had the privilege to witness.  And I’ve never felt so honored to photograph someone like this.

I love all my clients, but there is something about the photos you create when the walls are down and you’re able to just be in whatever life is right now.

This is what I hope every session can be.  A time to set aside our expectations and embrace the what isness (a word I totally made up).

We’re always in such a rush to get things done, to do items checked off, and our kids to the next stage of life, we forget that everything we prayed for is right in front of us.

You, your kids, us are exactly where we need to be.  Life is bursting with abundance and love, let’s slow down and feel it.

Don’t wait for another sweet moment to go by.  Contact me to find out what a session for your family would look like. 

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