Chautauqua Park Wedding, Adrienne and Evan

‘Adrienne did you know you’d be up before dawn to get ready for your 10:30am ceremony?’  Because a photographer has to ask why on earth she’s getting up so early.  Adrienne’s responds.  ‘Nope.  I thought how long can it take to get ready?’  Despite the fact everyone was up before dawn and was getting sauced the night before, they were all in great spirits.  I absolutely adore Adrienne and Evan.  They were only married yesterday but I can tell you right now it’s just the beginning of a very long loving marriage.

I started going through all the photos….and there are A LOT of photos.  I stopped just after the ceremony and took count of my ‘favorites’ … 48 so far.  Huh I think that’s going to be very long blog post.  For now here’s my personal favorite.  Doesn’t Adrienne look beautiful and so elegant?

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  • Cori Cook Floral Design June 08, 2010

    Ohmigosh! I am dying! This photo is beautiful. Captures Adrienne’s inner and outside beauty! Great work. Can’t wait to see more!

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