Yea I can finally put things on the walls!  We’re finally at a point where we can stop working on putting trim up or building a door, and I can really put our stamp on this house!  And make it look like some with a little style lives here.

The hand-me down sofa from grandma is going to the basement and we’re getting a new FULL size sofa!  I’m so excited!  Cody doesn’t like the idea of sitting so far away from each other, but likes the idea of not having to curl up into a ball just to lay down.  And if anyone has met Cody, his 6’4″ frame needs a lot of sofa to accomplish a full lay out.

Anyway, I thought I would share the sofa before it’s delivered.  It’s a total 1950’s style, I think just about everyone can say they, their mother, or grandmother had a couch like this.   But I LOVE it!  Especially the buttons.  326171_fpxtif.jpg

I’ve also been looking for art ideas that don’t cost a bloody fortune.  And came up with wrapping wood frames with fabric to make  ‘art’.  I came across this great website in Finland.  They have awsome fabric.  Some kinda have a retro feel to them, and others are just great prints!  I love that it’s large prints so it looks more like art then just fabric.  This is what I decided on for the dining room wall.  I seriously can’t wait to see it up on the wall!yhst-74708293761448_1986_16024193.jpg

And for a little more eye candy some more inspiration ideas I’ve found.  I seriously love decorating my OWN house.  It’s so much more fun when, A. I know I’m going to be here more then two years, and B. I can paint the walls!barrowcliffe.jpg

I mostly love the images on the left in this room.  It’s such a creative way to display tons of photos!  I wish I could take the credit, but alas I have to give it to Laura Novak.  And she’s an amazing photographer too!


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