Denver Athletic Club Wedding, Allison & Nick

Life can be complicated.  Families are complicated.  But when it comes down to two gorgeous people getting married we put aside our differences and come together to celebrate. And that’s exactly what Allison and Nick’s loved ones did.  They came together because Allison and Nick are in love.

Allison’s nickname as a child, given by her late father, was Allison Falls.  Well Nick’s last name is Falls.  I’d say that’s a match made in heaven.

Allison and Nick’s wedding pushed me professionally in that we had very little light to work with.  We were working against the clock. But I love how grainy and honest the photos are.  Allison and Nick are film students and their artsy personalities really shine through.  I’m so honored to be a part of such a beautiful union.

My uber talented second shooter Meghan caught these of the gents. I’m in love with this shot from Meghan…is that weird?  Seriously though it just has so much soul and personality.   ah Meg you’re awesome. Killer Holga shots.

Amazing team to work with!

Annie O’s Events  (love her!)

The talented ladies at BareRoot Flora

The Denver Athletic Club

Holy Ghost Church


Booking up for 2012, contact me if you’d love some of your own killer holga shots!

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  • Margie Woods Brown September 28, 2011

    Beautiful Shots Rachael! Beauty in a blog post! 🙂

  • Anonymous September 28, 2011

    Thank you Margie! 🙂

  • Sara Hasstedt September 28, 2011

    Beautiful job Rachael! I love all of these, especially the one of the bridesmaid kissing the bride’s head and the one of the bride holding the groom’s hands during the ceremony. Such sweet moments!

  • Anonymous September 28, 2011

    Thank you Sara! The bridesmaid is one of my favs too.

  • holly October 03, 2011

    Wow!!! I love the flowers! So pretty! Amazing shots Rachael, love this wedding!

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