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In a million ways, I feel I’m done having children.  But walking through Baby and Co and talking with the women that make it such an amazing space to be, kinda makes me want to have another just to birth here.

Empowering mothers is my jam.  Every mother should feel supported and have a community around them from the moment they have a positive pregnancy test till their child is out of the house.  I’m willing to guess my own mother of grown children would say she still needs a mother support group!

From the first moment of contact with Baby and Co I could feel the passion and love from these women.  I walked into a home.  A home that just so happens babies are born in.

We sat down in the community room, a space were group prenatal visits happen, yoga, and postpartum and breastfeeding groups meet.  And that’s when the true spirit of this space came alive.  A sparkle in Tracy Ryan’s eye hinted at the heart she has for what she does.  Her heart spilled out onto every women that walked through the door.  Not only does she bleed for these women, but she fights for them when they didn’t even know there was a fight to be fought.  She’s championed to give women a choice outside the hospital for decades.  And she fights to give each mama the best start possible when it’s time to bring their baby earth side.

She’s doing amazing things, but don’t take my word for it.  Read hers. {These are excerpts from our 30 minute interview}

“There’s been widely published studies on healthy low risks mamas giving birth to healthy low risk babies, comparing hospital and birth center outcomes, it’s been proven that birth centers have better and cheaper outcomes, then hospitals.  But insurance companies love physicians. I love physicians, they do great work.  But what do you get when you go to a surgeon when you’re sick?  Intervention.  That’s what they know how to do.  I’m a wellness practitioner.  I know wellness and health and I’m going to help you maximize that.  And I’ll get you to a doctor if you get sick, because that’s their expertise.  

Going back to the studies done; in the 60,000 births in the study, of the same population of women, outcomes were better then hospital births.  And cost half as much then in a hospital!

The trickle down rate from fewer c-sections, to higher breast feeding rates, it all comes back to supporting the mother as a healthy individual instead of sick.

Before we were in this location, we had a strong relationship with Westside Women’s Care. So when we have transfers, which does happen, women are treated really really well.  With respect and care and great mid-wife to mid-wife transfers.  The moms come back with, ‘that wasn’t what I had in mind to be transferred, but it was a great experience.’

The best thing about this birth center, is the smooth transition to the hospital if and when you need it. 

Our c-seciton rate is 6%, World health organization says it’s should be less then 10%.  Some hospitals have over 30% c-seciton rates.  

If you have a c-seciton coming from a birth center, it’s for a very good reason.  It’s not because we’re tired of you being pregnant.  Anytime you do intervention on a laboring mother, it increases her risk of c-section.  

There was a mama just a few nights ago that was laboring well, she was 8 centimeters, but baby wasn’t dropping down.  I said, ‘we gotta go.’  We got her over to the hospital and it turns out baby was hog tied by her cord.  Bruised from it even. Mama was able to have skin to skin and breastfeed quickly.  In her follow up she felt confident.  She made it to 9 centimeters and could have pushed the baby out.  She felt respected and honored in how the whole experience happened.  That’s a powerful thing!

I don’t care if you don’t remember me in 5 years.  I care about that you remember you had a great birth experience.  I want you to still have friends from postpartum and breastfeeding groups and they’re your tribe.  That’s what I want.
Birth is just one day in the journey of motherhood and making sure you’re off to a good start is what we’re about.

It’s not about your provider.  It’s about empowering you, the mother, to make good choices, choices that are right for you.  Parenthood is a long journey of making choices.  Your birth experience should be a positive start to that journey. 

We care about the whole package.  How is this effecting your relationship with your partner?  How is your sex life?  How are you eating?  How are you coping with the changes in your body?  It’s a whole package.  And we take the time to support the whole package.  It’s not just about a healthy baby.  Yes we want that too, but baby is a piece of the puzzle and the whole puzzle is just as important.

Not all women will want a birth center birth, and that’s ok.  We’re not for everyone.  But if you know you have options and you don’t just have to do ‘that thing’ then that’s a powerful moment.  You have options.”

We want you to go from your bedroom at home, to your bedroom here, and back home.  We want to keep stress levels low.  You know everyone in the room, you’ve formed a relationship with them.  This is a community.”

I believe the birth world is changing and changing in really powerful ways.  Baby and Co is at the forefront of that change and I’m so thrilled there are more options for mothers.  If you’re considering a birth center, schedule a tour.  I have no doubt it will blow you away.

Thank you so much to Danielle and Tracy for taking the time to meet with me.  And thank you to Tamara who allowed me to observe her 6 week postpartum appointment.  Everything about the experience at Baby and Co speaks volumes to the women who run it.  They are on the cusp of a revolution and I’m so honored to have met them and able to share their story.

xoxo – Rachael

Check out Baby & Co and schedule a tour, the women there would be delighted to meet you.

If you’d like to listen to the entire 30 minute interview click below.

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