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There is no way to be a perfect mother.
A million ways to be a good mother.
-Jill Churchill
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Letting go of perfection, letting go of what it’s ‘suppose’ to look like, that’s when you find your feet as a mother.  You find how this role fits you and how it works in your journey.  Whether the beginning was rough or easy, we all had an idea of what motherhood should look like.  We saw it as we watched our friends.  We learned from our own mothers.  We learned and absorbed what the world said a good mother was.  Then we become mothers and instantly felt inadequacy.   We instantly felt we weren’t doing this motherhood gig perfect.  The truth seeps in slowly and gently as we learn to trust our hearts.  It gracefully gives hope in the dark days and our hearts hear a new song.  A song that’s not perfect, but perfect for you.  A song that works just right and brings joy back into your world.  Motherhood is not easy, but then again nothing worth having is.  We’re never promised an easy journey, we’re only promised that it’ll be worth it.
Gabby you have inspired me to take on those challenges with new life.  I know your journey has had many challenges, but you would never know it.  You love without reservation and you blaze a path all your own.  I love that.  Thank you for keeping it real, always.

xoxo – Rachael
Denver Family Photographer-2 candid family portrait session tells the story of life for this family of 3 Denver Family Photographer-4 Denver Family Photographer-5 Denver Family Photographer-6 Denver Family Photographer-7 Denver Family Photographer-8 Denver Family Photographer-9 Denver Family Photographer-10 Denver Family Photographer-11 Denver Family Photographer-12 candid family portrait session tells the story of life for this family of 3

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