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Inviting someone into your home during ‘the witching hour’ is challenging enough.  But when that person is a photographer it’s even harder to swallow.

Evenings are hard.  One or both of my kids usual loose their cool about 4:45pm.  Usually it’s Crosby, crying because I clearly have starved him all day.  Honestly he’s glued to my leg as I cook dinner.  I can’t tell you how many days (pretty much every day) I’m watching the clock hoping that my husband gets home just a little early.

Bedtime is also the most hands on time of the day.  Everyone is exhausted and needing extra love and attention.

It’s also a time of day that will quickly change and morph before you can blink your eyes. There are moments that are sweet and endearing.  Then the next moment you’re ready to pull your hair out.

That’s why I love photographing bedtime routines.  It’s during the challenging parts of life that we need a reminder of what’s important and what we’re fighting for.  We need reminders that this time will pass and to snuggle our little people close.

The Garlands may have been apprehensive in the beginning but they are full on believers now.  Your home, your life is worth photographing.

xoxo – Rachael

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