Denver Newborn Photographer; The only thing you wish.

Even on your days off before baby is born you’re consumed with preperation for baby.  Gathering all the things and taking all the classes.  You’re doing your best to prepare your heart and your home, but something tells you, you won’t ever be totally prepared.  Your body begins to send signs, that yes indeed this child is on their way.  And even though at one point you wanted nothing more then to keep this baby inside, you now can’t wait to hold them in your arms.  To see their face and feel their tiny hand wrapped around your finger.  Everything you do is for them.

The only thing you wish?  For this transition to go as smoothly as possible and remember all the little details that make your heart burst.

With every newborn session I’m honored to witness, I feel those raw feelings all over again.  My own heart is opened and bleeds love for this new family.  I remember feeling overwhelmed and joyful beyond words.

It’s a blur those early weeks.  Small patches of sleep intermixed with feedings and shushing baby.  It’s both hard and beautiful at the same time.  A new family is beginning.

If you’d like to walk through the transition of parenthood together, email me.  January and February are beginning to book up.

The weeks may blur together and you’ll forget many details, but you’ll always have the photos to feel that love and rawness of where your journey started.

Email me today.

xoxo – Rachael

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