Denver Wedding Photographer, So many Choices!

I’m feeling a little saddened today because of the actions of another fellow photographer.  There are a LOT of photographers out there.  I’m not oblivious to that, so obviously clients have a choice to make.  And difficult decision at that.  Everyone begins to look alike.  I think it’s kinda like wedding dress shopping.  You try on dozens of dresses and pretty soon they’re all looking the same and you can’t tell one from another.  You feel overwhelmed.  (I’ve been there)  You know that there’s one out there that fits just right, and fits your personality and it’s just you.  So you meet with a few people and you’re maybe able to narrow the decision down just little more.  I feel it’s my job to figure out what you’re looking for and help you find it.  Whether that’s me or not.  Not everyone is going to hire me.  And that’s ok.  Everyone has the choice to make and I respect that.  If you love someone else and feel they’ll make you happy, then by all means go with that person.  Who am I to say I’m perfect for you?  Only you can say that.  As you’re looking for a photographer, ask yourself these questions.  Do they make me feel comfortable?  Can I see myself in their photos?  Are they professional?  In the end I think you have to go with your gut.  If it feels right, go for it!

You, the client, are the most important thing to me.  Whether you choose me or not.  I want you to be ex tactic about your photographer and your photos.  Period.

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