Downtown Denver Wedding; Megan & Jeff

Megan & Jeff-031

‘The sweetest thing he’s done is plan a secret/special weekend for me out the blue.
We stayed at the four seasons downtown, we went to a fancy dinner and then Book of Mormon, and he got me a massage at the spa.  Bliss.’

They kept saying all day that Megan’s mom would be the one to cry buckets of tears at the ceremony.
I couldn’t argue, she’d already teared up at least a half dozen times before their hair was done.
But, it wasn’t until the doors opened and Megan walked through with her Dad at her side, then the I learned the truth.
Jeff was a puddle of tears for his bride.
Tears, laughter, and so much joy my heart exploded.
This wedding, this moment in time, is forever etched on every one that was blessed with witnessing these two become one.
Life will never be the same.

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This week has been a tough week.
Cody’s beloved grandpa passed away.
It is in our deepest sorrow that we truly see all that life as to offer.

xoxo – Rachael

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