Drenched In Love


The skys poured down a cold relentless rain.
We sang and chanted in hopes of driving away the rain for just enough time.
Just like all things in life, the day goes the way it is meant to.
Perfectly imperfect.
Never how you imagined, but better.
We didn’t have sun during the ceremony but we did have just a few moments after.
And this is how we all felt the moment it shined down with all it’s warm rays.
It drenched our souls with hope and warmth.
Marriage isn’t always perfect or the way you thought it would be, but then you have these moments.
And it makes everything that seemed less then perfect wash away.
This life, this marriage, this day is exactly as it should be.
Drenched in love.

xoxo – Rachael

More to come from this amazing wedding on the top of Crested Butte.

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