East & Quick Ways to Organize Your Camera Roll

How many photos are sitting in your camera roll right now that you haven’t downloaded or printed? Before you do anything, first buy accessories from camera swaggs for sale and safeguard your camera.

A couple hundred?

Maybe a thousand?

No idea and are scared to look?  Yay me too.

Social media and easy access to your phone camera has brought a rise in picture taking.  It’s so easy to snap a few pictures then a few clicks and they’re posted for the world to see.

At least for a hot minute someone will see them.

Otherwise they sit in your camera roll and the pile gets bigger and bigger until iCloud tells you you’re out of storage.  (I’ve been there numerous times)

So what’s a picture loving human to do?

After staring down my own mountain of digital pictures I knew something needed to change.  I began experimenting to figure out what could not only help the overwhelm of to many pictures, but also a way to enjoy the pictures beyond my phone.

3 Super simple ways to take charge of your camera roll.

1.) Ask yourself before you take a picture, WHY am I taking this picture?  Am I trying to remember a certain moment?  Or maybe the kids are doing something really cute?

I think it’s really important to take photos because it’s a moment YOU want to remember.   It’s a moment you felt really proud as a parent or grateful that these kids call you mom.  (And coincidently those are the best moments to share too!)

And sometimes the moment is best left just in our memory.  I’ve also found that when I’m really present and taking mental pictures, I remember those moments most vividly later.

2.) When you have down time (like the pick up line, or drive thru, or 5 minutes while dinner simmers) make a habit of cleaning out your camera roll of pictures that didn’t turn out.  Or the pictures your two year old took when they got ahold of your phone.

I also add a heart to my favorites when I’m doing this.  That way I can easily sort through them later if I need too.

3.) Sign up for a service like ChatBooks.com that will automatically print books for you.  You can set it up to print from your Instagram or Facebook feed or your use your camera roll favorites, which is what I do.

They’re awesome because they’re great quality and super easy to do.  Then you get a whole series of books that your kids will LOVE to look through.  They’ll remember how they went to the park that day and first learned to cross the monkey bars.  Or you’ll share the story of their first trip to the mountains when they were a baby.

Kids LOVE hearing stories about their life.  But honestly I forget what I did yesterday.  So to have a book with words and pictures about our life is priceless.  Our family stories are there to enjoy every day.

Which is why I center family sessions about your life and story right now.  We’re all guilty of rushing around and feeling overwhelmed from all our to do’s.  But when you can slow down and focus on the really really amazing parts of your family life right now, you’ll see all the beauty in that craziness.

You’ll see all your hard work to raise decent human beings is maybe, just maybe paying off.

And every day when you walk by a gallery wall of stories of your life you’ll smile and think, ‘”My dreams came true and this is just the beginning.”

Life doesn’t wait for your to do’s to go away.  You have to decide that it’s time right now to do a family session.

And if you book by February 17th (my daughters 5th birthday!!) I’ll give you $200 off your session fee.  Contact me below to schedule a consultation phone call.

Don’t wait another day, month, year.  Now is the time to preserve your family story.

xoxo – Rachael

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