A Downtown Denver Couple’s Session, Coreen & John

It never ceases to amaze me the will the of the human spirit and what you can accomplish when you’re supported by those that love you.
Back in October (which honestly feels like eons ago and yet somehow it doesn’t seem possible it’s almost December) I gave away a Couple’s Session.  A spur of the moment decision.  I just felt in my heart that I should do it.  I feared that no one would actually enter the contest.  I feared if someone did that they wouldn’t ‘get’ what the session was really about.
My fears were for nothing, people did enter the contest.  WAY more then I ever expected and it broke my heart that I couldn’t give away a session to every couple.
Really I cried, the decision tore me to pieces.
But I knew, a gut feeling, a little angel saying Coreen and John were the right couple.  They completely understood what the session was about.  And we both knew this session was something that they needed.  A small way to refocus and put things into perspective.
A session has a way of grounding you.
We met up for coffee before the session to just talk.  To share war stories.  To wait out the rain and give support to each other.  We had more in common then I could have EVER imagined.  This session wasn’t just about them, they brought me a perspective I needed, and I didn’t even know it.

I LOVE this image below.  Coreen you have such an infectious laugh and spirit!  I have no doubt that you and John can face ANY life challenge and meet it head on.

THANK YOU to everyone that entered the contest!!  I can’t express my gratitude enough to you.  You all are special and share a piece of my heart.
Coreen and John, oh man, I’m so glad we’re friends!  I can’t wait to see where this life takes you.  You are both so beautiful inside and out!

xoxo – Rachael

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