Greg and Krista Wedding

This past weekend was a whirl wind of photo shoots.  It started off Saturday morning at 8:30 with an engagement shoot in Golden, then back to downtown Denver for Greg and Krista’s wedding, their reception was then at the Rembrandt House in Boulder.  And then of course with such a busy Saturday why not do a Trash the dress on Sunday!  More to come on the other activities of the weekend, now without further ado Krista and Greg.

I think Julie and I have formed a pretty good team over the course of the last year.  I, for the most part, know where she’s going to be thru out the wedding.  It’s safe to say we have a pretty good system down.  So when she asked me to second shoot for her on this wedding, I was excited to be shooting another wedding.  Greg and Krista are such a cute couple too. Krista didn’t stop smiling from ear to ear all day long.  Their reception at the Rembrandt House in boulder is actually an art museum.  Which I think is so cool to have a reception!  The natural light was beautiful and of course the art work!

Greg and Krista had a full catholic mass ceremony at the Church of Immaculate Conception on Colfax.  This church is beautiful, if you haven’t been inside I recommend going in.  It takes your breath away.

I LOVE hats.  I think it would be the coolest thing to have a wedding where all the women wore hats.  I think most if not all British weddings people do this.  And I’m so jealous!  So when this women came wearing a hat I almost did a happy dance!  Hats have such personality, I love it!

Did I mention the decorations were gorgeous!  I love the blue with orange tulips.

Somehow this groomsman thinks he can apply makeup.  I love the intense concentration look on his face!

Their first dance was choreographed and all!

The maid of honor was in tears all day long.

The cutest curlier headed flower I’ve seen.

I love this shot.  I’m not sure why, but I’m drawn to it for some reason.

Can’t wait to do the next one Julie!

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