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I’m so excited to start this new blog!  I’ve had some life changing things going on and I can’t wait to share them.  The past few weeks have been monumental.

I’m sitting in my Ikea chair writing and surfing the web while my husband is out with friends.  Honestly it’s kinda nice.  Living in a 570 square foot apartment, you get to know every idiosyncrasy about your husband.  From how he brushes his teeth, to yes when he uses the bathroom for to long!  My husband and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary in just over a week!  I’ll pause while you say ahhhhh……..our newlywed days are almost over.  I have to say it’s been a wonderful, fast ride so far.   Our first momentous moment is buying our first house.  And with the mortgage industry the way it is currently hasn’t been an easy challenge.  We decided we wanted to buy a house last Christmas, but needed to get our finances in order and pay off some dept to really be able to buy anything other then a crack house.  So 6 long months later we were finally ready to buy, which just so happened to coincide with the mortgage meltdown.  Man we have good timing!  But we pressed on and about 2 months later and 10 homes later we found a diamond in the ruff.  Literally.  She’s a little ruff!  My husband and I are taking advantage of someone else’s miss-fortune and buying a foreclosed house.  Incredible to think that my husband and I found this great 1905 bungalow, but someone else had to go thru hell in order for us to get it.  Ironic.  We will now spend the next 6-7 weeks rehabbing this diamond in the ruff before we can even move in.   And we won’t even touch the surface of what we ultimately want to do the house.  I’m looking forward to taking some great black and white film shots of our diamond.

The other life changing event is more personal.  I have spend the last 8 years working towards one thing, architecture.  Preparing in high school, and then 5 years of grueling studio.  All to discover something I’ve always felt was a passion, photography is my first love.  I loved taking photos with my Dad when I was kid, something he could teach me and only me.  Something he shared a passion for as well.  But who can make money as a photographer?  I certainly didn’t think so.  So I went for my second love of architecture.  Well turns out I can’t make much money at that either, surprise surprise.  So I’m rekindling my love of photography.  Turns out it’s even more fun then I remember.  I’ve been reading every book at the library on photography.  I’ve even done my first workshop this week too.  And it was So So incredibly amazing!  There is a whole community of photographers in Denver and beyond that want nothing more then to teach and learn from one another.  A whole network!  It was only a two day workshop, but I’ve learned more in those two days then I did from 10 books from the library.  Ironically I bought three books since the workshop.  I am more enthused and energized to do what I’m doing then I ever thought I could be.  ‘When you do what you love, the money will follow’ we’ll see if that stands true Lewis!  I’m doing what I love and what I have a passion for and maybe just maybe it’ll pay off.  This is life and this is the journey!

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