Holiday Family Session

The smell of pine, clove, and orange filled the air as I stepped inside.  The boys met me with eyes wide with excitement to be doing one of their favorite holiday traditions, cookies.

This time of year has more traditions then any other time of year.  Traditions that are passed down from one generation to the next and traditions that started when a new family member was added.

What’s your favorite holiday tradition from growing up?  Was it Christmas tree hunting in the woods?  Or maybe you received a new ornament every year.  Maybe it was the trip to Grandma’s house to bake pie and cookies.

Do you have photos of the traditions you had growing up?

My favorite tradition growing up was making lefsa, a Norwegian tortilla of sorts.  Grandma would come over and sometimes Aunts and Uncles and cousins.  My mom would prep the dough the day before so it had time to chill and then it was a factory line of love to get the dough rolled, grilled, and into the layers of towels to steam cool.  After they cooled Grandma and mom would trim the ends and us kids would eat the trimmings like they were jelly beans.  Lefsa still means Christmas for me.

There’s a few pictures over the years but not many.  Three years ago I was home for Christmas and I insisted we make lefsa and I documented the family working together to make our favorite holiday treat.  I just wish Grandma was still here.

I’d love to have pictures of grandma directing everyone on how to make lefsa along with my memories.

We’ve traveled every Christmas, but this year is our first staying in Colorado and I’m beyond excited about it.  I can’t wait to cut our own REAL tree and decorate it with homemade decorations.  (things that can’t break with a 18 month old! ha!)

Our memories fade so easily and we quickly forget details.  But a photo can bring you back to a moment and bring back a flood of emotions.  A photo is a peak into the past.  They show you how much everyone has changed and grown.  What stories will you tell your grandbabies?

What tradition means the world to you?

What would it mean to have photos of that tradition with you in the pictures?

A family session based on a tradition is so incredibly memorable.  First we talk on the phone to decide which tradition is most important to you.  Do you have an idea already?  If not, no worries.  I’ll help you figure it out.  You’ll let me know what you’d like to do with the photos after our session.  (digital files, albums, or prints)

We’ll chat again and make sure all the details are in place just before our session together.  The best part about the session is you’re so busy doing your tradition you’ll forget I’m taking pictures!  We’ll make beautiful artful memories to treasure for decades and with the next generation.

After our session, I’ll send you a slideshow and online gallery.  And of course details on how to make the most of your investment and how to take care of those keep sake purchases of our time together.

Email me at rachael{at} to schedule your complimentary phone consult.

If you want to make the most of your family’s traditions but maybe don’t want to hire a photographer, download the 7 ways to take better pictures below.  I’ll give you easy tips to improve your photos right now, no matter what camera you use.

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