How to document your morning with your phone

“There’s only one thing more precious then our time,
and that’s who we spend it on.”

-Leo Christopher

This wasn’t how I planned to spend these months.  This isn’t how I expected our pre-school days would be.  This isn’t what I thought I wanted.

But it is exactly what we both needed.

After December and the fiasco that school turned into, I knew D and I needed a reset.  We needed time to focus on what’s important and reconnected with our selves.

I know these few months before she starts kindergarten and largely just her and I are precious. These are days I will never get back.

So I documented it.

She is becoming an incredible helper around the house and stepping up in a way only first borns I think would.

She’s kind and curious about everything.  We spend a lot of the time doing experiments or building & creating things.

I want to remember the way she looks at me.  Her world still revolves around me and our home and I know that’s going to change all to soon.

I want to cement in her mind that her Dad and I are her biggest cheer leader and the best place to come home too when the world is to much.

How to document your morning with your phone.


I used an iPhone 6s but any phone will work.
This tripod is super light weight and easy to use
And I used the VSCO app for all the editing.

WHY do you want to document your morning?  Is there something about the routine you want to remember?  Is it your child’s personality right now that you want to remember?  Or maybe it’s just the every day quiet moments that you want to remember.

I think taking pictures is as much for our kids as it is for us.  I want them to see life when they were little and how I saw them.  But I also know that these days are numbered and the amount I’ll remember is probably way less then I think.

I want to remember the sweet moments and the emotional roller coast I’m on some days. I want to remember when I was the center of their world.

Tips #1

Decide what you want to photograph first.  

Delilah is ALWAYS hugging my leg every chance she gets. It drives me crazy sometimes, but mostly I find it utterly endearing.  I know the days of this are numbered as she grows both in height (she’s already 44 inches!) and as she matures.

I set the tripod up in the dinning room where the light was even.  Then used the timer feature on my phone to be able to step back and get myself in the whole frame.

I then told her to hug my leg like she does all the time.

Your own personal perspective is great too!  This view and her eyes are burned into my memory and are something I never want to forget.

And window light selfies are a must.

Stand facing a big window about 3 feet away.

Tip #2

Take LOTS of pictures and edit them later.  I used VSCO for all of these.

Tip #3

Ask your kiddos what they want to remember and get them in on it too!  Maybe even let them snap a few from their perspective.  It’s eye opening sometimes what they want to capture and remember.

In essence this is what a documentary photo session is.  We sit down and talk about all the things & feelings you want to remember.

Then we hang out doing those things while take pictures.

By the end you’ve not only had a fun day, but have cemented those memories in for a life time.

Don’t let more time pass before taking action.  Email me to set up a phone consult.  If you book before the end of March I’ll also give you my PDF guide on taking your own pictures & spend time during your session helping you find great light, quit taking fuzzy pictures, & what to do with all your photos.

Email me today before life takes over.

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