How to plan a Sip & See

Just imagine having your babe and snuggling into your cocoon of newborn haze.  Well meaning friends and family are gently invited to a Sip and See to meet the sweet babe and not to drop in.

You can enjoy your cocoon, learn to breastfeed, get to know your new addition without the pressure of someone visiting every day.

Instead, a celebration is planned a couple weeks out for everyone that wants to wish you well and shower that babe with love can come.

I wish I’d known what a Sip and See was before my first was born!

But I’m also sure, the thought of planning a celebration of any kind whilst caring for a newborn sounds like torture.

So I’ve broken down how planning something like this could be easily done and give you the best of both worlds.

Step #1, decide before baby comes that this is how you’ll handle guests wanting to visit.

Pick a date that’s a 2-3 week after baby is due.  So when people ask about visiting you can easily say YES! We’d love to see you.  We’re having a Sip and See on this date and want you to meet the baby then.

No explaining or justifying.

Step #2, if a best friend is willing to host it, even better!

Who wants to clean with a newborn?  If you can, have a close friend host it.  You just have to show up with the beautiful new baby.

Step #3, Keep it simple

Evites instead of paper invites.

Easy food that can feed a lot of people.  Think egg bakes in the morning and pulled pork in the afternoon.

Maybe even consider having it catered from the local grocery store.

Step #4, Ask and people will gladly follow.

If you’re worried about germs and keeping baby health (which is important!), simply ask people to be mindful.

Ask in the invite to not come if they are sick.  Put a sign as people walk in, to wash their hands before holding the baby.

Even make a joke and light hearted about it.  Never apologize for making someone wash their hands.  Sometimes people just forget.  🙂

Step #5; Relax and enjoy the celebration.

Let people shower you and your baby with love.  Share your birth story if you want.  Talk about how hard these early days are, but you wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Share in the sisterhood that is motherhood.

Then go home and collapse into bed, exhausted and grateful.

I’d love to know if you had a Sip & See or are planning one.  What would you tell someone thinking about doing one?  Comment below.

xoxo – Rachael

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