In-Home Family Photography Session

My favorite part and why I feel my job is so sacred is being invited into a family’s home.  The place they let their guard down and let their truer self out.  I have the honor of being a fly on the wall and sharing laughs, tears, and joy as they live life.

The sun was setting the other day while I was chasing my kids around the backyard before dinner.  The kids love to play tickle monster and chase them until they fall to the ground laughing so hard they and I have tears in our eyes.

Crosby needed a break and almost peed his pants, so I laid down in the cool grass and watched them breathe deep.  My thoughts wondered too how big they’ve gotten and how much Delilah looks like a young girl these days.

We have battles of wills constantly throughout the day, but when I slow down; I see her and what an incredible little human she’s turning into.

When I slow down and leave the rest of the world for later, I’m more joyful and calmer.

Life goes at such a frightening speed these days with a million things that are begging for our attention.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed by it all.

Every family session I emphasize how important it is that we slow down.  Even if it’s just for our time together.  We put our to do list away.  We breathe deeply into life in this moment.

This family took that lead so effortlessly.  We laughed hard, smiled ear to ear, and breathed so deep it took my breath away at the beauty right in front of me.  This is a family that loves deep and lives life with intention.

Thank you, Ramp Family for inviting me into your utterly perfect madness.

Are you struggling to keep your head above water and feel like time is passing through your fingers?  Email me for a free consultation about how a photo session can slow life down and bring intention to your home.

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