Lakewood Heritage Center Wedding, Vanessa & Marcos

Oh Man I am so excited to finally be sharing this unbelievable wedding!  Vanessa and Marcos there is just simply no words to say how much fun and how much I LOVED being a part of your wedding!
Vanessa thought of every detail for their wedding.  She teamed up with Touch of Bliss to pull off all the amazing details and at every turn I was in awe!  From little books written with their vows to chalkboard love notes from guests.  And don’t let the details distract from the the huge personalities both Vanessa and Marcos are.  A shot bar and dance moves made for the BEST party to end the season on.  Hands down.
So many photos to share…

Vanessa and Marco’s wedding was totally and completely THEM.  From the Lakewood Heritage Center, a place they’ve spent many hours walking, to the details and of course their wedding wouldn’t completely without a raging party!
Thanks guys for a FABULOUS way to end my season.  You guys are awesome!

xoxo – Rachael

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  • Brian June 04, 2013

    Rachel, could you put me in touch with the couple you shot this for. My fiance (Rachel) and I are considering the venue and I’m curious to ask the details with the couple. Thanks.

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