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The anticipation will make you drunk on needing to know when.  When will this little one breath his/her first breath of life?  When will I know your face instead of just your kicks?  When?  I wanted to be more relaxed and sure this time.  I know the day will come, but patience has never been a strong characteristic.
Everything about this pregnancy has been fast paced.  We took on the ambitious home project of gutting the kitchen at 33 weeks pregnant.  It’s true when they say time only speeds up as you add more littles.  It’s so easy to get swept up into life and days blur into a months gone by in a blink.  My young self use to crave adulthood, now I crave the slower pace of life as a child.  I find myself getting lost in Delilah’s world, just to have a taste of that sweet nectar of innocence and timeless days.  My worries dissolve as I watch her discover and play.  I want nothing more then to see the world through her eyes.  And yet the seductive pull of my phone or crossing something off my list of to do’s always seem to be more important.  I should be productive my mind screams.  The invisible teachings of a toddler are not held high in our results driven society.
I realized going through the photos of the month, most photos place a very naked toddler front and center.  Keeping clothes on this one is like keeping bees away from honey.  They are one in the same.  And when in life can you run so free and wild then when you’re two?  I’m fully embracing it because life is not meant to be censored, she will learn soon enough societies expectations.  For now our backyard is free range.

{This is a series of Life In The Moment that Lauren, Julie and I are doing together.  One day out of month that is our life.}

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xoxo – Rachael

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