Megan & Dan’s Keystone Wedding

Stillness.  Faith.  Gentleness.  Kindness.
Compassion.  Joy.  Forgiveness.  Comfort.
Vulnerability.  Honesty.  Courage.  And love.
Now we’re talking about power.
It’s said often, we’re better together.  And you always hope that at each wedding it’s true for the souls taking a vow.  I know for a fact it’s true for Dan & Megan.  They make my heart so happy to have had the privilege of being a part of their big day and their lives.  Visually narrating their story of love and being yourself with those you love.
I hope they make a special trip up the mountain once a year and stand in the spot they said I do and just be.  Squeeze each other hand and remember why they said forever.  Keystone wedding-001 Keystone wedding-002 Keystone wedding-003 Keystone wedding-004 Keystone wedding-005 Keystone wedding-006 Keystone wedding-007 Keystone wedding-008 Keystone wedding-009 Keystone wedding-010 Keystone wedding-011 Keystone wedding-012 Keystone wedding-013 Keystone wedding-014 Keystone wedding-015 Keystone wedding-016 Keystone wedding-017 Keystone wedding-018 Keystone wedding-019 Keystone wedding-020 Keystone wedding-021 Keystone wedding-022 Keystone wedding-023 Keystone wedding-024 Keystone wedding-025 Keystone wedding-026 Keystone wedding-027 Keystone wedding-028 Keystone wedding-029 Keystone wedding-030 Keystone wedding-031 Keystone wedding-032 Keystone wedding-033 Keystone wedding-034 Keystone wedding-035 Keystone wedding-036 Keystone wedding-037 Keystone wedding-038 Keystone wedding-039 Keystone wedding-040 Keystone wedding-041 Keystone wedding-042 Keystone wedding-043 Keystone wedding-044 Keystone wedding-045 Keystone wedding-046 Keystone wedding-047 Keystone wedding-048 Keystone wedding-049 Keystone wedding-050 Keystone wedding-051 Keystone wedding-052 Keystone wedding-053 Keystone wedding-054 Keystone wedding-055 Keystone wedding-056 Keystone wedding-057 Keystone wedding-058 Keystone wedding-059 Keystone wedding-060 Keystone wedding-061 Keystone wedding-062 Keystone wedding-063 Keystone wedding-064 Keystone wedding-065 Keystone wedding-066 Keystone wedding-067 Keystone wedding-068 Keystone wedding-069 Keystone wedding-070 Keystone wedding-071 Keystone wedding-072 Keystone wedding-073 Keystone wedding-074 Keystone wedding-075 Keystone wedding-076 Keystone wedding-077 Keystone wedding-078 Keystone wedding-079 Keystone wedding-080 Keystone wedding-081 Keystone wedding-082 Keystone wedding-083 Keystone wedding-084 Keystone wedding-085 Keystone wedding-086 Keystone wedding-087 Keystone wedding-088 Keystone wedding-089 Keystone wedding-090 Keystone wedding-091 Keystone wedding-092 Keystone wedding-093Fabulous you made it!  So many photos…I just couldn’t decide.
A huge thank you to Michele Hart for making the trek up the mountain to second shoot.  And Megan’s Mom and Sis for being sooo incredible supportive of two nursing mama’s!

In other news, we’re scrambling to get things buttoned up before we leave for a month.  Two mountain trips and two weeks in France here we come!  Praying D becomes a seasoned traveler in a hurry.
xoxo – Rachael

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