Merry & Bright

This Christmas feels a little more special then usual.  It also brings up more questions then I ever thought.  Parenthood has a funny habit of doing that.
What do we want to teach her this time of year?  Do we really understand the spirit of the season even?
What family traditions do we want to carry on?
Hard questions I know we don’t have the answers to yet.  But I do know that I want her to have a giving heart.  When she thinks of Christmas she thinks more of giving and service then of Santa and getting presents.
For now we’re basking in the newness that she sees in everything.  Marveling at the world around her and learning at an incredible rate.

I wish this time to be a magical time for you too.  That life brings you joy and love.
Life is full of so much possibility.

You are so loved.
xoxo – Rachael

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