Mindfulness is not a practice of perfection.  It is not meant to taunt you with your short comings or berate you with negativity because your mind wonders far more often then you’d like.  Nor does it expect you to be perfect and never improve.   We are imperfect creatures with souls that will always be seeking truth.  I fail daily with keeping my thoughts in check.  I’m negative and hurtful to myself more then I’d care to admit.

Some how I keep thinking that things will get easier.  Or maybe I’ll stop being challenged.  But aren’t the challenges what life is about?  Isn’t it in our darkest and most challenging moments that we find a strength we didn’t know we had?  Through the daily challenges to find mindfulness it brings us closer to our own truth.

mother and son-1

I some how forgot that it’s ok to keep learning.  To keep grounding myself in the present moment nonapologetically.  For me, motherhood has meant a constant unraveling of my soul.  Layer by layer I dig deeper, only to discover another layer I didn’t know was there.

xoxo – Rachael

If you’d like to unravel your motherhood story, I’d love to hear.  Contact me here.



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