Motherhood Sessions

I see you mama carrying the heavy load of motherhood.  Doing the daily chores and caring for the booboos.

I see you raising your babies to be amazing humans that are caring, strong, and brave.

I see you putting your own self care on the back burner because someone else needs you.

I see you doing a thankless job with pride and honor.

I see you loving so hard with every fiber of your being.

I see you bursting with pride just seeing your kids smile.

I see you, because I am you.  In the trenches of motherhood trying to desperately hold onto my kids before I blink and they’re an adult.

You are brave, strong, and beautiful inside and out.  Even in the moments you feel anything but.

You are doing an amazing job mama.

I heard this quote the other day and it resinated with me so much.  When we constantly seek perfection, we will begin to expect nothing less.  And that is a dangerous path to walk.

“When we only photograph our children when they are well dressed, happy, and on best behavior, we teach them, without words, that these are the only times they are valuable. These are the ways they matter.” Paraphrase from photographer and awesome mother, Niki Boon,

I truly think the same goes for us as mothers.  When we feel the need to ALWAYS be perfect for the camera we start to think we have to be perfect all the time and that are “flaws” are to be hidden.

I’m my own worst critque and I see all the flaws when I see a photo of myself.  But you know who else sees those flaws…NO ONE.  My kids definitely don’t see them.  My husband doesn’t see them.

So why do I pick myself apart?

What my children and husband care about is me BEING there.  Me being a part of their life in the best ways possible.  And their opinions are the only ones that matter.

So this Mother’s Day I’ll ask you…are you in the photos?  Are you present in the tangible memories of your children?

It’s totally ok if the answer is less than you’d like.  Because with an awareness of what’s missing will allow you to close the gap and change.

When your kids are grown what will they have to look back on and remember their childhood?  Are there photos of you being you?  Photos loving on your children?  Photos loving on your spouse?

If there’s room for improvement, I have just the thing to re-insert yourself into the family albums.

A mother and me mini session with photos of just YOU beautiful mama!

I know…pictures of just you.  *cringe* right?

But you are more than a mother.  You are more than a wife.  You are a brave, strong, and amazing women all on your own.

That’s the person your child sees.

Not only will we take photos of you with your sweet kids, but we’ll do a few of just you as well.

And I promise it’s not painful.  I see you as beautiful and strong and that’s what we’ll photograph.  Because you are those things.


A 45 minute session at your location.

30-40 digital images to keep

Photos of you and kids and YOU by yourself.

Investment is $550.

These sessions and price are for a limited time only.  You must book by May 31st.  Sessions are to be scheduled by July 31st.

I’m sending loads of love & light this Mother’s Day.  My hope is that you know how amazing you are and how much you matter.

You are beautiful, strong, and brave.

xoxo – Rachael

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