I’m the best mother and so are you.

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I’m writing because I feel a heaviness and a calling in my heart to say something.

I’m the best mother.  You are the best mother.  We are all the very best mother we can be.  Some days we fall short of an invisible expectation and feel we don’t deserve these beautiful children.  Or maybe we second guess our decision to become a mother.  We wonder what we were thinking when we got stars in our eyes while we held someone else’s baby.  Our expectations and everyone elses expectation weigh heavy on our soul on a daily basis.  We fear what others will think, say, judge if we make a wrong decision.  We worry we’ll be labeled a bad mother.  Someone who puts her children in danger, even if the danger is so far fetched it’s absurd to even think it.  It’s hard to argue with, ‘better safe then sorry.’  Day after day these worries and fears eat away at you.  They crawl into the crevices of your soul and set up camp, ready to leap into action at any moment.  They lift weights as you sleep, gaining strength.  Our sleep deprived and over stressed spirits are no match for their strength.

Or are they?

There’s a revolution on the horizon.  It’s one where mothers put their calenders away, put down their smart phones, and live in the moment.  They embrace the challenges that motherhood brings with a sense of grace.  They know they are not perfect and neither are their children, but that’s what makes us human.  We are not in competition, but in community.  We do not spread fear but spread love instead.  A community is building where moms share their struggles without fear of judgement and learn from each moment.  Moms help each other instead of making a competition to be the best mom or have the best/smartest kid.
It’s a place that we have stillness to listen to our intuition and do what’s right for our family, no matter what an expert says.  We are the expert, no one knows our child like we do.  Every answer is there inside our spirit waiting to be discovered.  It brings with it peace, grace, and contentment.  Life is as it should be, perfectly imperfect.

We are all the best mother.

I want every mom to join in on the revolution.  Creating community of motherhood that supports and honors each other.  Instead of delivery judgement, we open our hearts and get to know each other.  This role of motherhood was not meant to tear us apart, but bring us together.  We can not do it alone, we need our fellow mothers.

I photograph in hopes of sharing my heart and creating a community of mothers that want to do the same.  Living life as best they can, mothering with their whole heart and soul, and setting judgements aside.  I want to share your story of motherhood.  What it looks and feels like.  Share the struggles you’ve overcome and learned from.  This isn’t about the pretty or perfect, but instead of the real authentic unapologetic you.   Life shouldn’t be perfect before you find joy, it’s already here.  In every laugh, every mess, every triumph, every toddler/teenage will, the mundane, big celebratory moments, and everything in between.  Don’t wait.  Find your joy right now, your intuition will lead the way.

I’m starting a Facebook group called Mothering from the heart, to create a community of moms that want to support and love each other.  It’s a place to share real and authentic trials and triumphs.  A place to apologetically rave about your kid and a place to find encouragement when you want to stay in bed all day.  It’s a place to support each other so we can be the very best moms we can be.

Will you join the revolution?

xoxo – Rachael




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