Newborn Snuggles & Motherhood

Motherhood can be a lonely journey…if you let it.  We are made for community.  I have been blessed with meeting some utterly amazing mamas along my own journey.  Women that hold me up and give me arms full of grace when I’m falling apart and questioning the very meaning of motherhood. They have taken my children in as their own.  Friendships built on understanding and non-judgement.

We are all climbing the same mountain, just on different sides after all.

Our first borns are just two weeks apart and our second is just 5 weeks apart.  Linds and Lee are the down to earth friends every one should have.  I was honored when they first asked me to photograph their wedding, now I get to call them friends and swap toddler trenches stories on a daily basis.

Linds, I would not want to face motherhood without you.

xoxo – RachNewborn-1 Newborn-2 Newborn-3 Newborn-4 Newborn-5 Newborn-6 Newborn-7 Newborn-8 Newborn-9 Newborn-10 Newborn-11 Newborn-12 Newborn-13 Newborn-14 Newborn-15 Newborn-16 Newborn-17 Newborn-18









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