Not Perfect…Just Real

‘I want my kids to see photos of their lives as it was – not with a living room flipped and furniture all moved out of the way,
or walking down a random dirt road just because the light is pretty but not because they were actually playing there.’

The thought made me pause for a moment.

I was having a conversation with a photographer friend about photographing our own lives and trying not to make it always perfect.
Just real.

I think we’re all balancing how to document our lives while being authentic and real.
What I’ve come to realize, is everyone’s real and authentic is different. And what you see on facebook, instagram, pinterest are just a fraction of the real.
No one has it all together, even if it looks like they do.
I know I don’t.  Toys are scattered everywhere, my sewing project is all over the floor of my office, and the bathroom hasn’t been cleaned in lord knows how long.
With social media there seems to be a need to only show our good sides.  The parts that look perfect and put together. The messy parts, the sad parts, the I’m still figuring it out parts get left in the shadows.  I find that sad.  Although I’m sure I’m guilty of it as well.
When I’m documenting my daughter I do the same thing I would for a client. I look for the light.
Where ever the moment is I try to find the best light and angle to capture what I want to capture.
Which brings me to another thought, we all have something different to say. What you see in a situation is completely different then what I see.
And that’s ok! More then ok! That’s the beauty of being an artist. You capture what you see.

Can we all make a promise, photographer or not.
I will not compare myself to others!

You can’t base your life on the way someone else see’s their life.
The grass is not always greener.  Cliche but true none the less.

This is exactly why I tell a story thru images.  It’s your life right now.  It’s not something prettied up and rearranged to be something it’s not.
You don’t have to be anything you’re not in front of the camera.
It is our struggles and triumphs that define who we are.  And both should be celebrated.

Whether you’re a photographer or not.  Document your life.
Tell a story of what life is right now.denver family photographer

A good non photographer friend is amazing at just photographing life.  She shares her struggles and triumphs.  I love that about her.
She does her best not get caught up in the ‘am I making this perfect.’
What do you share?  I don’t think you have to share everything, some things are truly private.
I also don’t want to appear perfect.  Cause I’m far from it.

Mama guilt has been shining it’s ugly head lately.
But as Cody says, ‘You kept her alive, give yourself some credit.’

So I will relax.
Life is to short to be worried about being perfect.

xoxo – Rachael

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