Project 52: Week 1

She comes squealing into the kitchen with the dog at her heals and I can’t help but think; it’s amazing what a little human can learn in a years time.
She has changed so much in such a short period of time.
Have I documented it well enough?  Have I taken photos with more then just my iPhone?
I’ve been doing a daily photo project on Instagram for about a month now, but it’s mostly iPhone pictures.  Which are great, but let’s be real.
It can’t compete with the Nikon D800 and 35mm lens.

I know getting the big girl camera out daily and posting daily is just not realistic for me.
But to do a weekly project…now that I can do.
So I’m kicking off Project 52.
And a little letter to D about our week.

My oh my, my little love bug.  This week has been quieter then usual, which is a welcoming feeling.
You have made some pretty exciting developments this week.
It still amazes me what you learn.  I asked you yesterday if you needed a diaper change.  You smiled up at me and walked into your room.
I thought it had to be a weird coincidence.
Later I asked you if you were ready to take your nap.  Again you grin, clap your hands and walk in your room to grab a book.
I could easily get use to this communication thing!
You’re learning to run now too.  I know!  I keep telling you that your just 11 months old, slow down!
But you’re on a mission.  Maybe you’ll be an athlete?
As soon as your daddy gets home, you and Champ greet him like the King he is.  Squeals and clapping hands and all!
He immediately scoops you up for a big kiss.  Then a game of chase ensues.  Your little legs going as fast as they dare over the old wood floors.
These days have been my favorite by far.  But I say that with every new day.

xoxo – Your Mama

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