Project 52; Week 12 Times are a chang’n


Every single day has been different this week.
From the time you wake up to when you decide that you actually do want to nap.
I think this is what transition looks like.
Hard and utterly painful if you’re not prepared for it.
Not going to lie, going down to one nap kinda scares me.
I mean we’re that much closer to no naps at all!
Naps are good little girl, take ’em while you can.

You’ve become a little daddy’s girl this week too.
Maybe it’s because he’s always tickling your feet and playing peek a boo?
Either way I think it’s adorable and love watching you get sooo excited to see him at the end of the day.
He even lost his voice a little because you made him read so many books.
For a quiet guy…that’s a lot of talking.  🙂

Lots of fun planned for the Easter weekend love.
Egg dieing and of course a egg hunt.

xoxo – Your Mama

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