Project 52; Week 13 Run!

Botanic gardens-001

Run, run, run, run….walk, walk, walk.
It’s no wonder you haven’t gained any weight since your birthday, you’re always on the move lately.
Yesterday you walked over a mile before you finally gave up and I carried you.

I have to tell you something little monkey, I haven’t been a great mom this week.
You watched to many Daniel Tiger shows to count and honestly my head has been everywhere else.
I’m sorry baby girl.

I’m going away for a day and a half this weekend so you have Daddy all to yourself.
Somehow I don’t think you mind.
And I will have some grown up time away from kiddos.
Somehow I think it’s what I need too.
Time away is good, something I’ll tell you when your a mama some day.
My little light of life, I love you.

xoxo – Your mama

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