Project 52; Week 14 Unruly

Mini sessions-001

To our surprise, you were born with quite a bit of black hair.
Sadly it almost all feel out.
But now beautiful brunette hair is growing like a weed.
Completely unruly and wild, but I love it.
This week started out slow but turned into a busy rush to the finish line.
And to top it off you slept in till at least 8 three days this week!!
I dare say we may have a new trend.
I may have taught you to jump on the bed…shhh don’t tell Dad.
And we had the best little breakfast out together.
Our little dates are becoming a habit I adore.
Grandma and Grandpa Weaver are visiting this weekend so you will not be short on love.
Just try not to be just to cute or they’ll take you home with them.  🙂

xoxo – Your Mama.

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