Project 52, Week 36. Wild One


You make me laugh every day little lady!
I spy your daddy’s personality at times, then the next moment I swear you’re a mini me.
How can one child be such a great mix of their parents?  How did we get so lucky?
We’ve been playing tea party, dressing up, and chasing Champ till he runs and hides under my legs.
I use to cringe at the thought of not going anywhere for days on end.  I’d schedule random coffee dates just to get out of the house.
These days though, all we need is a long walk on a crisp fall morning to feel like we can conquer the world.
Run faster then lighting and climb the highest mountain.
Sparks of a wild imagination are beginning to emerge and I’m waiting on the edge of my seat to know what’s in that head of yours.
Stories that I’m sure only you can dream.
Creatures that love and beat the odds maybe?
It’s days like these I’m so grateful we live so close to the largest park in the city.
A place we can escape to, and explore with wild abandonment.

Keep those eyes bright little love.
xoxo – Your Mama

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