Project 52, Week 39. Mo’


This face and the word, ‘mo’.  You’ll tilt your head to the side a little, eyes wide.   Your best attempts to get what you want always include the puppy eyes.  Where did you learn that?  It works nine times out ten, and you get exactly what you want.  Because I just can’t say no to those big brown eyes and sweet face.  This week has been a lazy one.  The Indian Summer is lasting well into late October and beautiful long walks in the park are a staple.  We made a picnic in the backyard earlier this week.  Our favorite dance music turned up and a hour long dance party filled my heart with so much joy it almost burst.  No toys needed, just you, me, and some music was all we needed to have the best afternoon.  I’m bottling up these days of you being 1 and full of wonder.  Curious and full of spunk.
Much to my wondering eyes, but you are still on the potty band wagon.  We spend a large portion of the day in the bathroom…and not always actually doing anything but lining up every toy on the bathtub.  Currently there is a cart, a doll stroller, two stuffed animals, and several ducks all crowded around the toilet just waiting for your return.  It is by far the best show in the neighborhood I’ve heard.  But whatever will make you sit and go, I’m on board with.
Life is pretty beautiful right now bug.  Maybe it’s the weather, but I can’t wait to start each new day and boundlessly see where the road leads.  It’s sure to be an adventure with you.

xoxo – Your Mama

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