Project 52; Week 44 The Soulful Child

My soulful child.  My child that is never shy to wear her heart on her sleeve.  My child with brown eyes so dark and deep I get lost for hours, just trying to see into your little heart.  My own heart cracking open further every day, just hoping to snuggle a little longer.  It’s not easy wearing your heart on your sleeve.  Days can be filled with heart breaking events that only a toddler could understand.  Just trying to understand a great big world that does not want to give your hearts desire on a whim, but instead make you wait and maybe not give it to you at all.  It’s a cruel world.  But then there are magic moments, moments that make you belly laugh until it hurts.  Moments that fill your soul just when you thought there was nothing left.  Moments that I want to cry because I’m just so grateful I have you and your Daddy.  This face.  So many expressions in just a single moment.  She doesn’t need to say a word for me to know exactly how she’s feeling.  It’s all written right there, in those deep dark eyes.

xoxo – Your Mama

Denver Family photographer

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