Project 52; Week 47 A Break In The Clouds

I truly believe our children choose us because they have the most to learn from us and we from them.  With every phase I’m repeated taught I am not the one in control and I’m not perfect.  I don’t think I’m perfect, but every now and then I think I’ve got this parenting thing down.  I can handle the temper tantrum and not be phased.  With each new stage or struggle I realize I have no idea no what I’m doing, but we get to the other side and I learn something even more valuable.  We are in this together and with enough patience and love we can make it through anything.  Hands down.  I also realize that life is different with a little person around and things that were once easy, take on a whole new perspective of ‘we need to simplify’.  You are going through something right now.  A soul fever of sorts.  Your little heart is trying to sort out how the world works and what is in your control and what clearly is not.  And girl you are a stubborn one.  Two has blown in our world like a hurricane with gale force winds and dark skys that pore rain (and tears) like it will never stop.  Even your incredibly patient Daddy is struggling with how to deal.

But like any storm, I see a break in the clouds every now and then.  I see a little sun shine way up in the sky.  So close I could touch its warmth and know that this to shall pass.  We will simplify as much as we can and create calm so that what ever your little heart is going thru can see the light too.  See the love we have for you and that I’m desperately trying to help you and support you.  We will learn from each other, right alongside one another.  You, me, and your daddy.  We are in this together.

xoxo – Your Mama

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