Project 52; Week 7

Denver photographer

The weather is warming up and outside is all any of us can think of.
All we have to do is utter the words ‘outside’ or ‘walk’ and you’re running for the door.
Arms out wide and a huge grin of excitement written all over your face.
We moved your bed time to 7:30 with the time change so now there’s time after dinner to play outside.
And to our delight you’re sleeping in past seven am!
You mimic our sounds all the time now.
So close to saying words like dog, book and ball.
Mostly it’s just a lot of gibberish,
someday we’ll be having full conversations.
That thought blows my mind sometimes.
I can feel the winds of change coming these last few days.
I think our days of two naps are almost gone.
Transitioning is always hard.
Just when you’re comfortable in a routine….
it changes.
But it does mean more awake time for play and the park and the pool
and finding adventures.
That I can not wait for!

xoxo – Your mama

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