Project 52, Week 28, How High!

how high-001

You say, ‘jump’
We all say, ‘How High!?’

My parents and older brother have now been with us for almost 10 days.
You’ve grown comfortable to say the least.
Giving cuddles and kisses on occasion, but mostly just getting anyone close to do your bidding.
Oh next week might be rough little one!

It’s been amazing though watching you form bonds with your grandma & grandpa.
They love you to the ends of the earth, but see you so little I think their hearts ache for you every day.
Some day we’ll send you to stay with them.
But for now we soak them up every chance we get.
Lots of book reading and wagon pulling.

It’ll be bitter sweet to see them go on Sunday.
But the time we’ve shared is magic in the eyes of a child.

xoxo – Your Mama

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