Recycled Wedding Details; The Maids

We’re all connected.
Connected to each other and this planet we call home.
I believe we can all do a little more to help protect Mother Nature and keep this planet looking beautiful and that goes for wedding planning!  Ebs and I came together to come up with ideas to recycle items and make a wedding just a little more green.  And maybe even save you a little green too.  Today’s detail is…
The Maids
How many bridesmaid dresses are sitting in your closet, worn once and someday will become a dress-up gown for your kids?  We all have them.  I remember thinking for my wedding, I wanted my maids to have dresses they’d actually wear again.  It didn’t quite work out that way, but I wish it had.  Nobody really wants to spend $150+ on a dress they’ll wear once.  So how about getting away from the bridal stores and into non-traditional wedding stores to find the prefect dresses?  Give your ladies a color to go with and let them find the perfect dress for them.  Something they’d wear again and LOVE.  Pair it with the guys in suits they picked out.
You can unify the look with a bouquet of a single matching color.

lindsey and lee-086 maidsThink of your ‘wedding colors’ as just a starting point.  No one says you have to choose just two or three colors.  Keep them in the same hue and your wedding will be unified and gorgeous!

xoxo – Rachael

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