Shannon & Lincoln are getting married!

Shannon and Lincoln are quiet possibly the funnest couple I’ve met in a long time.  They invited my husband and I up to their Keystone condo for a night of fun and drinking.  Seriously how could we pass that up!?  The next morning we went and did their engagement session.  I love these sessions, the pressure is low and you just walk around looking for interesting places to take photos.  The photos may look like it was a beautiful warm day, but when we started at 8am, it was 4 degrees!  It did managed to warm up to about 20 when we finished a couple hours later.  Shannon and Lincoln did great though, bearing their thinly clothed selfs for great shots.  And I have to say I don’t think they minded snuggling up to one another!


This is my favorite photo of the two of them.



And did I forget to mention Lincoln drives a Hummer.  You know we had to take a photo of that!



Shannon and Lincoln are getting hitched March 29th, so check back for wedding photos!

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